The Battalion Commandants are Police Lieutenant Colonels. 18-32 years old for Male and 19-32 years old for Female SELECTION 1.) “Your duty is to prevent [people] from violating election laws. “Women police officers are needed to investigate these cases,” she said. He said women officers rarely had opportunities to be involved in cases in which women were the victims even though they often wanted to investigate such crimes. Noting that there were no women trainers in the MPF, Vester said changes to the force’s training institutions and procedures could also help to attract more women. “In our society, there is the belief that women are weaker than men. SUPERINTENDENCE AND COMMAND. “I was frightened to go undercover because it was very dangerous, but I did it to prove to the men that a woman could handle that kind of role,” she said, adding that drug dealers did not suspect that a woman in her 20s could be a police officer. The only thing setting him apart from the rank and file of Burma’s police force is his red epaulettes, which marks him as a member of the ‘special police’ recruited to provide security at polling stations at the 8 November elections. They are part of some 40,000 new police officers hired by the Myanmar Police Force across the country to guard the landmark polls, billed as Myanmar’s first free and fair vote in 25 years. I’ve only ever focused on religious and social issues so I thought I should get some experience doing something for the country,” he said. Local Business . The low number of women in the MPF is often a constraint when investigating crimes such as rape and human trafficking because of a cultural reluctance by female victims to discuss their ordeals with male officers. Contact myanmar police force on Messenger. It would also benefit the government by enabling it to demonstrate a genuine interest in addressing gender discrimination. The list, released Sunday by the Myanmar Police Force, numbers 20 individuals and includes their photographs and personal information. Police Crackdown on Counterfeit Smartphones . Last year, UNODC began providing training on responding to gender-based violence and has since trained about 100 officers. In the run-up to the elections, activists and human rights groups have expressed fears that special police officers would be recruited from plainclothes gangs often used to break up protests and gatherings on behalf of the authorities. The conduct of security forces on election day will not only determine whether the election is carried out smoothly, but also whether it is perceived as credible, according to a report published earlier this year by Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. It shall come into force on such date as the President of the Union may, by notification, direct. ေစတနာ ထားလုပ္ အမွားနည္းတယ္ Refworld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. A police lieutenant who was a trainer on an MPF reform programme said it was important to not only increase the number of women in the force but also empower them by providing the necessary training. The Battalion Commandants are Police Lieutenant Colonels. Her first assignment was to travel to Yangon International Airport to meet a 17-year-old girl being returned from Malaysia where she had been rescued from sexual abuse. He did a thesis on Myanmar police for the period from 1886-1945. The MYPOL project is working to help Myanmar cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. That is an increase from nearly four percent in 2014, says the UNODC, referring to the year in which it began advising the ministry on gender equality and other reforms in the MPF. Myanmar Police Force The Union of Myanmar is geographically situated in Southeast Asia between latitudes 09cated between Bangladesh and Thailand, with India and China to the north, Myanmar covers an area of about 675,000 sq km (over 260,000 sq mi). 1.0 for Android | 0 Reviews | 0 Posts. MYANMAR POLICE FORCE is recruiting more women as it makes gradual progress towards a government goal set in 2014 of having women officers comprise 25 percent of its ranks by 2030. “This is the first time I’ve worked with the ward authorities. History. “Women are told to stay behind and it is hard to get into the frontline services, for which men are supposed to be better suited,” she told Frontier. Myanmar Now contacted Police Colonel Kyaw Thiha, the spokesperson for the Myanmar Police Force, about the lawsuit, but did not receive a response. In addition, over the past twenty years the Tatmadaw has been expanded and modernized. The Myanmar Police Force (MPF) will deploy more tourist police in Thandwe and Mrauk Oo in Rakhine state due to the rising number of tourists in those areas. Daw Ye, Aung Gyi's mother, said that the lawsuit would give her son and her family a chance to restore their dignity. Police Reform in Burma (Myanmar): Aims, Obstacles and Outcomes Regional Outlook 3 from 15–16 March 2013. No Ministries No Departments Website ; 1: President Office : : 2: Union Government Office : 3: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw : Marine Environment, Myanmar Maritime Police Force, Pollution Report. Retrouvez les offres d’emploi disponibles chez The Coca-Cola Company et chez Coca-Cola European Partners et entrez dans le quotidien de nos collaborateurs grâce à nos interviews, témoignages et journaux de bord. View Y Nn’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The Myanmar Police Force was established in 1964 as an independent department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. In the opening speech of the training, township administrator Kyaw Lwin told the recruits what they should do (listen to the polling officer at the station) and not do (be rash or overzealous). Applicable fees; Proof of identity; Report a problem or mistake on this page. : You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix – to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. The scandal led to calls for police reforms. Clad in a Burmese policeman’s uniform of grey shirt, navy trousers and matching cap, 20-year-old Kyaw Ye Lin puts on a brave face as he sweats in the scorching morning heat. History. Women officers were almost never assigned to night duties, “but this is when most of the gender-based violence and sex-related crimes happen”, Vester said. Local Business . The accused in a sensational child rape case in Myanmar who was freed by the court in December for lack of evidence sued the police for wrongful detention, his lawyer said on December 8. I never thought something like this would happen,” Khin Maung Tun said. It’s only because of the elections that we are working with the state. It was a disgraceful case. The same system was used for security of subsequent major events. Public Figure. But recruiting officers told Myanmar Now the special police would be properly trained and disciplined, and their powers would be limited. Share on Twitter. Kyaw Myint will be charged under article 171 of the Financial Institutions Law and is currently being investigated, said Police Col Kyaw Thiha, a spokesperson for the Myanmar Police Force. “I wanted to put the dealers in jail, to get promoted, and I worked hard,” Omma Rangmi said, recalling with a big smile the time she arrested some drug dealers. This is his first day of training as one of 60 recruits in Thingangyun Township in Rangoon, an eclectic group composed of both young and old men with varying levels of policing experience. It is estimated that the Myanmar Police Force has around 150,000 officers but the authorities say more are needed to bolster security and ensure a smooth process at polling stations nationwide. Most of the weapons are either seized from ethnic wars and narco-insurgents or locally produced copies of the G3 and other weapons phased out of their army.. SWAT battalions are armed with relatively modern small arms and members of MPF who are … Share via Email. “People have their dignity. ‘What choice do we have?’: Rohingya women face odyssey of misery, ‘I don’t want to lie’: Gay pioneer stands in Myanmar election, After rape, Myanmar’s women with disabilities ‘abandoned by society’, The problem with staying at home: COVID-19 and domestic violence. Y has 1 job listed on their profile. Existing policemen and recent recruits are not eligible to become special police. October 16, 2019 06:48 AM Share on Facebook. June 30, 2018 DMA-MM. “The calibre of Myanmar police is the lowest in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, let alone the international level,” said an MPF officer who participated in a US$10 million police reform program launched by the European Union in late 2013 that included training in … Political analyst Dr. Aung Myo has joined me to discuss how to reform the police force. Kyaw Ye Lin has yet to complete high school but said he has always dreamt of joining the police. There were only a few women when she joined the force. Myanmar - Name of Police Agency - Myanmar Police Force Under What Department - Ministry of Home Affairs Highest Ranking Officer - Police Major General Lowest Ranking Officer - Private 9. I’m The Irrawaddy Burmese editor Ye Ni. “I take pride in having this responsibility as a special policeman. The Indian Imperial Police was the primary law enforcement in Burma until 1937, when it was split from British India.. Ministry of Defence. “In the training, we will teach them how to police without weapons, human rights, police ethics, community participation in policing, security plans for the elections, election laws and by-laws,” the inspector told Myanmar Now. It´s mostly just retextures of Arma gear and vehicles from Arma3. Current Director General of Myanmar Police Force is Brigadier General Khin Yi … “The mindset in Myanmar is that men are smarter and they should take the lead everywhere,” said Daw Omma Rangmi, 60, who recently retired after serving for 34 years. This report was republished courtesy of Myanmar Now, Tags: 2015 election2015 general electionspolicepolling station, ‘We solve problems through political means,’ says Pa-O leader, Burmese fishermen arrested for murder in Thailand, Election Commission rejects USDP accusation of bias, By-elections 2017: candidate vetting process begins, Two USDP representatives stripped of Mandalay parliament seats, Mobilizing Young, First-time Voters is an Investment in Myanmar’s Future, Join Hands to End Violence Against Women and Girls, Grape growers feed an expanding wine market in Burma, Garment industry gears up for rise in minimum wage, Lured by a happily-ever-after dream, Rohingya girls sold in India, Chin State, marked by change, looks to hold on to its roots, Reclaiming the narrative on women in Burma, Ethnic Lisu in China aim to save crossbow culture, In Pictures: Chin National Day celebrated in Mindat, In Pictures: Shan National Day draws a crowd to RCSS’s border headquarters, Inside one of Kachin State’s newest IDP camps. Savourons l’instant ensemble en faisant le plein de bons de réduction, jeux et cadeaux ! “I’m going to take the tenth standard exam again this year and then apply to become a police officer so [this work] would give me experience,” he told Myanmar Now during a break from training, which began at 8 o’clock in the compound of the township administrative office. The government needs to ditch this blunt tool for a more surgical approach. “Violent male protesters do not fight policewomen,” he explained. 3. Myanmar police will begin arming and training non-Muslim residents in the troubled north of Rakhine State, where officials say militants from the Rohingya Muslim group pose a growing security threat, police and civilian officials said. 1.) Omma Rangmi served with the Narcotics Investigation Special Forces in Shan State from 1986 to 2004, when she joined the MPF’s Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, where she worked until 2015. A majority of special police are civilians but also include auxiliary firemen, former soldiers and army officers, Red Cross volunteers and members of ward administration offices, according to sub-inspector Khin Maung Kyaing of Thingangyun Police Station. Police in Burma have a long history, and include the national police force of Burma, as well as smaller functions and jurisdictions.. British rule in Burma. While Vester said sexual harassment in the MPF seemed to be little different than in other countries, Omma Rangmi said she believed it was on the rise. 4. 30. It was Samdech CHEA SIM who became the then primitive Minister of Interior. The areas that will see beefed up security are Thandwe, Kyauktaw, Ngapali Junction, Mazin Airport, Mrauk Oo Archaeology Museum, Shiqthaung Pagoda and Mrauk Oo Airport. Current Director General of Myanmar Police Force is Brigadier General Kyaw … Cambodia - Name of Police Agency - Cambodian Police Force Under What Department - Ministry of Internal Affairs Highest Ranking Officer - Brigadier General Lowest Ranking Officer - Officer Cadet … Myanmar Red Cross Society. The former UDP chair was sentenced on November 12 by the Chan Aye Tharzan court in Mandalay for absconding from prison 21 years ago. It is estimated that the Myanmar Police Force has around 150,000 officers but the authorities say more are needed to bolster security and ensure a smooth process at polling stations nationwide. Two years ago, I wrote that the Myanmar Police Force (MPF) was gradually being recognised as a large, increasingly powerful and influential organisation that, in a more civilianised form, was likely to become a key instrument of state control under the hybrid civilian-military Government inaugurated in Naypyidaw in 2011.. Vester said there is no discrimination in the recruitment process, but gender bias is evident in what the MPF refers to as its “social rules”, particularly one rule that restricts when women officers may marry. Reported By Min Thein Aung and Waiyan Moe Myint for RFA’s Myanmar Service. Myanmar Police Force had been elevated to a more important position in Myanmar’s domestic affairs.15 03 Andrew.indd 56 3/6/12 8:57:44 PM. Myanmar Cyber Police Force. By Steve Sandford. All actions are aimed at reaching an effective, efficient and accountable police service that is trusted by Myanmar’s many different communities. The Myanmar Police Force, formally known as The People's Police Force (Burmese: ပြည်သူ့ရဲတပ်ဖွဲ့; MLCTS: Pyi Thu Yae Tup Pwe), was established in 1964 as an independent department under the Ministry of Home Affairs.It was reorganised on 1 October 1995 and informally became part of the Tatmadaw (Armed Forces of Myanmar). A highlight of Omma Rangmi’s career was her promotion to police colonel in 2015, an achievement of which she, the daughter of a Tatmadaw officer, is very proud. As part of the country reconstruction, a police institution, then known as the Cambodian People’s Police Force was set up with priority right after 7 January 1979 so as to coordinate with the people’s army to organize social order and prevent the return of the Pol Pot’s genocidal regime. Training sessions are being held across the country between 20 and 31 October, and the officers will work until 13 November, the police said, a shorter period than when the plan was originally announced. They are part of some 40,000 new police officers hired by the Myanmar Police Force across the country to guard the landmark polls, billed as the country’s first free and fair vote in 25 years. This Act applies to the Union Military Police Force and persons attached to, employed with or following, the Force, wherever they may be. There were about 20 female lieutenants-colonel in the MPF and more women were being assigned to fieldwork and rostered to work nights, she said. In fact, … Daw Ye, Aung Gyi's mother, said that the lawsuit would give her son and her family a chance to restore their dignity. 10. The Myanmar Police Force has more than 80,000 members, or one officer for every 1,500 people. Even if the ward election commission asks you to do something, you have to inform the polling officer first,” he said. “There must be separate changing rooms,” he said, adding that a review was also needed of women officers’ uniforms because the skirts they were required to wear on duty were too tight and restricted their movement. A female police officer based in Mandalay, who spoke to Frontier on condition of anonymity and who has served in the MPF for almost 20 years, stressed the need for more women on the force. Myanmar Police Force. Moreover, Myanmar Police Force has been best granted the State Budget by the Government. I have friends who are auxiliary firemen in our neighbourhood but I’ve never really worked with police officers before,” added Kyaw Ye Lin, who lives with his widowed mother. By HTUN KHAING | FRONTIER Photos J. It’s a common scene in movies: The frightened occupants of a house realise there’s an intruder on the premises. Katrin Schregenberger has a University Grade in history and is a journalist at the daily Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Rumors are already rife within Burma’s lively social media scene that members of these gangs are now donning special police uniforms. Omma Rangmi said the rules were eased in 2012, allowing women to marry after two years of service. Current Director General of Myanmar Police Force is Brigadier General Khin Yi … Saw Thein said he too had never taken a responsibility such as this. “The intake rules in themselves are not discriminatory, but it is in the application of the social rules where problems start coming in,” said Vester, adding that these were likely discouraging more women from joining the force. Government Website. It draws on research currently being conducted for a major study of Burma’s police forces since the colonial period. “I’m excited. Six judges, two district administrators, the head of a police station and a public prosecutor and a lawyer are all on a list of fugitives suspected of corruption, along with other government officials. Police Use of Force. Police in Burma have a long history, and include the national police force of Burma, as well as smaller functions and jurisdictions.. British rule in Burma. (Steve Tickner | Frontier). August 31, 2017 by Thiha. MPF, part of the military-controlled Ministry of Home Affairs, has about 90,000 personnel, of whom only about 7,000, or about eight percent, are women, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. At the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, when football matches took place in Yangon the authorities assigned female officers to conduct security checks on patrons because they believed male football fans would be more likely to cooperate with women than men. Since then, there have been a growing number of reports in the … The Myanmar national flag will fly at the top while a couple of samples of Police flag will fly off the yard arm. Preliminary test 4.) On Myanmar Police Force Day on Oct. 1, police officers involved in defending locations in Rakhine State from attacks by the Arakan Army, as well as those who defended locations targeted by ethnic rebel groups on the Goke Twin Bridge and a police station in Shan State’s Naung Cho Township, were given promotions. On one occasion though, the pole had three police flags flying from it. Omma Rangmi was shocked by the teenager’s appearance. Those photos spread nationwide and it became clear the red armband can no longer be used,” he said. They are paid 120,000 kyats (US$95) a month, as well as a 1,000 kyat daily allowance and are given a booklet with 12 rules and obligations to follow. … “They never imagined it would happen to them.”. Omma Rangmi said she had been replaced by another woman, a police colonel, who has become the highest-ranking woman in the force. “We didn’t have special police in the 2010 elections. Vester said improving the working environment for women in the MPF would require changes to facilities. Translated from Burmese by Thet Ko Ko Ma Thida, a writer and former political prisoner who was incarcerated in Insein Prison between 1993 and 1999, said the prison guards in her ward were mainly female. 2. Human Rights Council, "Compilation prepared by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – Myanmar", August 2015, para. Writen test TRAININGS 5.) The 2010 elections were held with the help of security guards wearing red armbands and without any special police officers. It’s a free weekly round-up featuring the most important events shaping Myanmar. “There are very few frontline officers.”. This mod tries to Myanmar police Force in Arma 3. Myanmar Movies - အစိမ်းချုပ် (ဝေဠုကျော် နန္ဒာလှိုင် ) - Duration: 2:11:33. Myanmar Police Force, formally known as The People's Police Force (Burmese: ပြည်သူ့ရဲတပ်ဖွဲ့; MLCTS: Pyi Thu Yae Tup Pwe), was established in 1964 as independent department under Ministry of Home Affairs.It was reorganised on 1 October 1995 and informally become part of Tatmadaw. “I asked myself, ‘Is something wrong?’” she recalled, in an interview with Frontier.

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